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Directed intelligence shaping a successful future.

Gaining insightful intelligence of niche areas and industry developments can be an intensely difficult exercise, especially if attempted from within an organisation. Using our positioning, global reach and industry-specific understanding, we undertake intelligence-driven industry mapping to help you shape your future. We take deep dives into understanding new markets, reveal the talent and skills you need, and then source the right executives where you need them.

Using our unique Talent Intelligence method, we scale the market using insightful experience and knowledge to pinpoint the very best talent available within your specific niche.

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The Benefits

  • Intelligent and insightful analysis

    We scale the hurdles of talent acquisition, whilst being realistic and transparent. Using comprehensive and intelligent analysis of a market, we can bring you the insight you need to make decisions. Through our industry mapping you will gain a clear understanding of the talent state-of-play available to you. You will be equipped with the information you truly need.

  • Reliable and detailed reporting

    We listen carefully to your objectives. Whether you are seeking a new chair of the board, executive, or looking to enter a new market, our reports bring you the detail you need. With our report to hand, you will understand the industry niche and key players with remarkable insight, as well as any notable cross-overs to other industry niches. You will be able to rely on the information to make informed decisions.

  • Powered by dedicated experienced researchers

    Our researchers are outstanding in their field, renowned for their tenacity, discretion and insight. You will not only know who-is-who in your targeted niche, you will gain an understanding of the interaction of skills, personalities and industry know-how. We undertake research on a global platform, realising that talent at this level is not constrained by borders. We are able to use our own network within a vast number of countries and are not hindered by language barriers. We take a creative approach, utilising our skill and experience, without limiting potential by sticking to single methodologies.


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