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Unlimited in our commitment

We believe that diversity and inclusion should never be a tick-box exercise. Instead, it has the power to create truly innovative and successful leadership and executive teams. We are accredited with the National Centre for Diversity. As such, at Stanton Keller, we are unlimited in our approach to diversity and inclusion. It is through embracing genuine inclusivity that we enable our clients to thrive in the contemporary marketplace

Starting with ourselves

Therefore, we are unrelentingly committed to genuine diversity and inclusion within our practices and workplace. This approach to diversity and inclusion has enabled us to achieve a 100% success placement ratio. It is our philosophy and outlook, concreted in action, which delivers powerful results for clients that Stanton Keller is renowned for.

Challenging bias and nurturing inclusion

Inclusion requires active effort. It requires a commitment to integrity, openness and a willingness to challenge the status quo.

Building on our own proven success, we are able to support and help clients challenge their ingrained practices and behaviours which are limiting their potential. This requires a relationship with us built on trust, and an understanding that we are determined to enable their business to succeed through procurement opportunities.

Diversity and inclusion in practice

For our clients, we are committed to bringing them diverse talent pools which enable them to recruit the right person, at the right time, in the right way, often exceeding their expectations. For candidates, we can promise that we challenge our clients, particularly in terms of their unconscious bias, so that they can make decisions based on talent, opportunity and potential alone.

Within our own workplace, we put in practice our values, questioning ourselves and reviewing our practices.


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