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Our Verified Partnership with the National Centre for Diversity

At Stanton Keller, we are proud to work in partnership with The National Centre for Diversity. Unlike many in the talent industry, our commitment to diversity and inclusion in all talent matters isn’t tokenism. Instead, it’s a deep-rooted far-reaching commitment because we fundamentally know that diversity isn’t just the right thing, it’s the best thing for businesses.

Diversity and inclusion brings many benefits, but fundamentally, it positively affects your bottom line.

Verified by the National Centre for Diversity

Stanton Keller are one of the first talent search firm to become verified by the National Centre for Diversity and to work in partnership with them. This enables us to bring the benefits of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) to each and every client, enabling them to make progress with diversity in their own business, which is, fundamentally, about enabling them to succeed at a higher level than they otherwise could.

We are pioneering the way for businesses to integrate diversity and inclusion into every facet of their business, rather than simply pay lip service to it. It’s this integration which ensures businesses actually reap the benefits of EDI.

As pioneers, Carl Baxter, Managing Partner at Stanton Keller, has been invited by Solat Chaudhry, to attend the formal launch of the ‘FREDIE Verification Service’, along with Galliford Try, themselves EDI pioneers in the construction industry. Baxter will be sharing Stanton Keller’s dedication to EDI and the FREDIE approach.

What is FREDIE and why does it matter?

Not all talent search is created equally. Yet, true diversity enables those in search of new talent, or those mapping out their future talent, to be more productive and profitable. However, most talent search partners don’t embed EDI deeply within their own organisation and processes. It’s therefore impossible for them to bring its benefits to the client.

FREDIE stands for Fairness, Respect, Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement. Carl Baxter will specifically be talking about how businesses and organisations can be measured against FREDIE once they fully understand it. What’s central here is that each element of EDI is integrated with every element of the company.

It’s not just about placing individuals in roles. It’s about complete transformation including attitudes and approaches within clients and business supply chains. FREDIE increases knowledge not just within the individual verified business, but it shapes attitudes and behaviours in those within the sphere of influence of that business.

FREDIE is an intense commitment. For example, mandatory training is expected for all employees and implementation of EDI goes beyond the basic 9 protected characteristics of law, but also addresses additional elements such as mental health. But it’s worth it. If your vision is to lead your sector towards the benefits of diversity and inclusion then, realistically, FREDIE verification training from the National Centre for Diversity has to be part of your strategy.

If you want to understand this is statistical terms, then check out The National Centre of Diversity’s Galliford Try case study. Just a few impactful stats include: 78% of their employees feel they have the equal opportunity to succeed and there has been a 43% increase in the appointment of women to senior management positions since 2017, a 6.8% increase in hiring those of BAME origin and 7.14% increase in hiring those with a disability.

The result is a proactive and enthusiastic team rooted in trust. They are really reaping the benefits of EDI.

Find out more about how your organisation can benefit from a different approach to EDI by working with the National Centre for Diversity. Discover for yourself how true diversity and inclusion is possible in your business, and why you need a talent search partner who takes EDI seriously.

Stanton Keller has set the bar. It’s time that you reached it too. Connect with us today.

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