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Your challenges

The metals industry, including manufacturing, stockholding and distribution, faces the challenge of building leadership teams equally skilled in strategy, operations, projects, finance and interpersonal relations. Your key players need to be innovators, technologically-savvy, yet capable of motivating multiple different players and driving an industry renowned for its inability to flex and change.

Businesses in the metals industry need to wholeheartedly understand and embrace the challenges of sustainability and environmental concerns, whilst also balancing the demands for operational cost-control and technological innovation. It’s a complex industry, with a need to deliver results both in the short term, and an ability to change processes for the future.

Your needs

The metals industry needs leading talent that can embrace the distinctive challenges that the industry is facing across the globe, as well as in the UK. Central to this is:

  • Unrivalled succession planning rooted in metals industry knowledge
  • Data-driven understanding developed from exclusive industry research
  • Talent strategies at the executive level that are proactive
  • Core understanding of industry-skill and innovation
  • An ability to utilise diversity and inclusion to widen your talent pool

At Stanton Keller we bring you understanding of the metals industry talent landscape rooted in deep-level research which ensures that our clients are confident in their talent planning and acquisition. Our solutions support your metals business to grow, and give you the competitive advantage.

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