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Your challenges

Manufacturing, as an industry, faces enormous challenges. Relocation of operations overseas to save costs is combined with intense competition for talent. Executives in manufacturing must be skilled at leading a diverse and international workforce, with tightening pressure on costs, whilst operating in a landscape of disruption.

Combined with these challenges come industry-wide revolutions in technology, robotics and lean manufacturing. From the Internet of Things to warehouse robotics, manufacturing is changing at an incredibly fast pace.

Your needs

Manufacturing businesses need future leaders that are skilled within manufacturing, but also encompass a plethora of other skills, from managing capital expenditure through to understanding competitor behaviour. They need strategic skills and foresight, combined with an international focus. You need:

  • Executives that draw on a complex web of skills and technical knowledge
  • Strategic talent acquisition resting on research and data analysis
  • Insightful and innovative talent strategies
  • An international focus that looks at talent beyond borders
  • Succession planning to future-proof your business

At Stanton Keller, we understand that the manufacturing industry is continuously shifting and working within ever tighter parameters. We don’t underestimate the challenges of talent search in manufacturing, but we do embrace them and we do overcome them, to deliver the talent you need. We are your manufacturing executive search partner.

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