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Your challenges

Aerospace and defence faces unique challenges which impact on your talent search. With an intense need to embrace technological opportunities and advances, you need the people that have the capability to combine digital know-how with human creativity and innovation.

Increasing demand for your products and services, combined with downward pressure on affordability, all sit within a greater demand for sustainability making a tough conundrum. End-user expectations must be the focal point, but within a wider context of transformation.

Your sector faces a talent shortage worldwide, and faces notable challenges common to STEM regarding diversity and inclusion, restricting the talent you’ve traditionally been able to embrace.

Your needs

Innovation and transformation through talent search is possible through recognising your needs for:

  • A planned proactive talent strategy
  • A focus on digital capability
  • Leadership growth and development
  • Succession planning to understand future needs
  • Development of a culture focused on collaboration and innovation

At Stanton Keller we are determined to overcome the challenges that aerospace and defence face in talent acquisition. Having achieved excellence in your sector, our specialists focus on research and data analysis to propel your success through strategic talent planning and placement. Through our solutions, you gain the advantage. We are the experts.

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