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Plant Director Search Assignment, Metals & Die Casting Bulgaria & France

The nature of the role

This role was for a European Plant Director who would work out of the Belgian site of this global business.

The procurement problem

High-calibre and high-level recruitment within engineering and manufacturing faces unique difficulties. In this particular case, the most notable problem was hitting the client hard: they were simply unable to find a suitable candidate without compromising on core objectives.

This is not unusual. Often you need to look beyond your immediate talent pool and incorporate a global search. You also need to look beyond readily available candidate pools. Through this, the aim is to find a relocatable candidate who brings everything expected and more, without compromising the cultural fit.

Using powerful procurement tools to secure a difficult talent acquisition

Results Snippet

Reduction of Ford scraps by 40% and improve OTD from 45% up to 93%

Linamar grading: factory moved from the last position to the 3rd / 6 (alu sector)

The Stanton Keller solution

Familiar with procurement difficulties similar to this, we were able to work quickly and efficiently to secure an exceptional candidate who relocated from Asia to Belgium. This Director has since gone on to grow the strength of the European arm of the business, with new plants being opened and being an instrumental force in the future development of the business.

They have also been pivotal in refining and delivering on KPIs advancing the overall objectives of the business.

The route to success

In order for high-level talent acquisition to be successful, it needs a dedicated and conscientious approach. We utilised our leading Trailblaze Assessment process to identify the ideal incumbent.

Our Trailblaze Assessment is unique to Canis Lupus and draws on insight from simultaneous approaches including leadership assessment; competency based interviewing; assessment for cultural fit, and; psychometric personality profiling and more. The detailed information drawn from these different approaches becomes truly powerful when analysed and considered together, a core feature of the Canis Lupus approach.

Doing things differently so you achieve the exceptional

As demonstrated with this difficult to fill European Plant Director role, Canis Lupus doesn’t just deliver with efficiency. We also deliver with confidence. Our unique procurement tools and practices ensure that all clients can be assured that the high-level talent they require will come without compromise but with potential for the future.

"I have appreciated deeply the way Carl has approached me and has followed up the recruitment process. Indeed he has continuously done his best in understanding my expectations, in adapting to my agenda and in digging out my achievements. He did behave very professionally and use competences tool which has helped to see the "match" between the proposed job and I. Those steps were critical as I wanted to avoid any wrong decision (expatriate position in a new company). We have exchanged openly and it was a key success factor to make the final decision"

One of the largest Cylinder Head Aluminium Foundry. World Wide production base. (Europe, Mexico, Chine) Semi Permanent Mold, Tilted gravity and Low Pressure technologies available. Best in class to develop petrol and diesel cylinder head. Average cylinder head production more than 4 million / year.

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