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Managing Director Search Assignment, Global Engineering Gears Business

Acquiring leading talent to move from stagnation and loss to growth and success

With a recent history of difficulty recruiting high-level and knowledgeable talent to their northern UK location, a business manufacturing gears and casting powertrain blocks needed a different approach.

The nature of the role

We were asked to secure a Group MD with a background in operations and finance to turn around the business and drive future success.

The procurement problem

The business is located in a northern region of the UK and is a manufacturer of gears and casts powertrain blocks. Previous procurement decisions had focused on finding a Finance Director. In order to make a positive impact, what they really needed was someone with finance experience and acumen but with a strong engineering background, ideally within the same region. This had proved to be a seemingly impossible goal.

The Stanton Keller solution

Not allowing the previous difficulties to limit us, we focused on the immediate area around the business within the north of England. We knew, from industry knowledge and experience, that if we could find the appropriately experienced and knowledgeable individual nearby that there would be a greater chance of long-term security and success.

We focused on careful networking, based on our principles of discretion and care, to identify an ideal candidate who lived just a short distance away.

The route to success

As mentioned, for this role we needed to focus on both operational and financial acumen. Talent assessment was vital and for this we used our leading Talent Due-Diligence process. This process uses different tools such competency based interviewing and leadership assessment. This is a thorough process designed to ensure an exceptional profile fit.

In this instance, where we found the right talent locally, we also needed the Assessment to ensure that we and the client were not ‘blinded’ by convenience.

The successful individual had a strong engineering background and financial acumen, but also had direct experience working with many of the companies forming the current client base. This enabled him to solidify the business’s current position whilst also leveraging additional opportunities for growth.

The result has been remarkable success. At the time of joining, the business was reporting a loss. 24 months later, the business has a £15 million turnover with a very healthy EDITDA.

Doing things differently so you achieve the exceptional

Fulfilling this client placement was extremely successful. We proved that Stanton Keller can hurdle the challenges that others have found in procurement and deliver the best solution.

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