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Empowering senior leadership through on-boarding diversity

This engineering client identified their need for greater diversity in order to create a more inclusive senior management team. We went above and beyond to capitalise on even more benefits of diversity resulting in two executive hires.

The nature of the roles

This large-scale UK engineering firm required two senior hires that were able to lead with technical excellence and increase innovation through diversity. This project extended to include the hire of another business-critical hire in a subsequent division, following our success in the first stage.

The procurement problem

The challenge here was to source two senior industry leaders through unrelentingly diverse and unbiased approaches. This is challenging enough in an industry renowned for diversity obstacles, rooted in decades of non-diverse talent pipelining. The project was made more complex by the timing in the UK leading up to Brexit and during the global coronavirus pandemic.

Whilst the focus needed to be on leadership and technical skills, the procurement also needed to address a diversity issue within the business. The firm recognised that innovation, growth and success required a truly diverse approach to talent acquisition, and this is where we came in.

The Stanton Keller solution

Being accredited with the National Centre for Diversity, and entwining a diverse approach to procurement in our talent mapping, we were able to challenge unconscious bias and create a more inclusive leadership team.

Using our unique and industry-leading search framework, operating with complete integrity and deep-level experience in the engineering sector, we provided a diverse long list of suitable candidates from both within engineering and elsewhere. With support through all stages, the new executives are leading the business to greater innovation and success.

Our approach enabled us to ensure our 97.9% success placement ratio continued and we were subsequently retained to undertake another diverse search for another division.

The route to success

Using our unique diversity strategies combined with exceptional market mapping, we were able to identify and entice suitable candidates from a broad spectrum of backgrounds. We identified the core objectives of the organisation and translated these into definable skills, enabling us to visualise talent acquisition from both within engineering and beyond.

The immediate requirement to fill the two senior positions was successful. Long-term, these individuals are challenging and transforming management and the entire organisation, bringing the firm the full benefits of inclusive procurement. Our success has been recognised by retaining us for further procurement needs.

Doing things differently so you achieve the exceptional

At Stanton Keller we lead the way in innovative inclusive talent acquisition, ensuring your business excels in the contemporary and future market place.

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