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Providing Data-Driven Client-Owned Market Mapping, Talent Pipelining and Executive Search, Steering Diversity and Inclusion For The Worlds Most Respected Businesses.

‘Diverse Companies are 35% better performing’

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  • In all my interactions with SK, I found them to have the all-important, but sadly rare skill of being able to genuinely relate to and understand the client’s needs. They relentlessly pursued even the most challenging recruitment briefs


  • Through having a rare ability to identify and contact some of the most typically unreachable senior candidates, they were able to deliver the first-class candidate shortlists, where many of their competitors came woefully short of the mark


  • SK has been a great support, helping us finding the best talents for our organization. I would definitely recommend SK as they really understand the customer needs.


  • I have appreciated deeply the way SK has approached me and has followed up the recruitment process. Indeed they have continuously done their best in understanding my expectations, in adapting to my agenda and in digging out my achievements.



Our unique approach to Executive Search, allows our clients to commission each research element on its own, as well as combining to providing end to end searches. Our client ownership of data brings a very cost-effective way for future hires at no additional costs.

  • Diversity & inclusion

    We believe that diversity and inclusion should never be a tick-box exercise. Instead, it has the power to create truly innovative and successful leadership and executive teams. We are accredited with the National Centre for Diversity.

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  • Talent mapping

    Using our unique Talent Intelligence method, we scale the market using insightful experience and knowledge to pinpoint the very best talent available within your specific niche.

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  • Talent pipelining

    Pipelines are designed to allow our clients to create bespoke communities of pre-screened, qualified and engaged talent. Often required for niche, hard to fill roles across multiple locations internationally.

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Global coverage

Our specialist team draw on years of international experience across our sectors in the Industrial & Engineering, Technology and Private Markets. Our Partners always lead our projects at Stanton Keller supported by our expert team of researches.

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